Monday, October 17, 2016

Screw it, making an engine.

Honestly, it's probably for the best. It will give me the needed diversity to develop Lullaby of the Goddess in my own view.

This obviously means the development of the game will run on about a year longer, but will likely be better.

Thursday, October 13, 2016

Workers for the project

Eventually I will be letting and or asking various people who want to work alongside me or contribute to the project. When though is unknown as I first have to make my life is in order and I'm ahead of everything important as well as having the right materials and equipment at the ready for anyone that helps as not much progress will be made if you don't have the right equipment. Sports will end in a few weeks which will definitely make things easier in time management and work on this will likely speed up even a little. If anyone that reads this and considers helping E-mail me what you specialize in and any other information you deem necessary.

Sunday, October 2, 2016

Objectives of Hero's Path and Link's portion of Hero's Lullaby

     Your objective in Hero's path as mentioned in previous posts is to collect each of the legendary weapons and the Fire Emblem, which it's gems and Shield of Seals have been separated. The catch is, each are in very remote locations and no one has info on where they're hidden and you wont get a special item for locating them. You'll have to find then on your own. The same goes for Hero's Lullaby, save it's own mechanics. Speaking of, I have a few changes for that mode, First off, Link will only bring one unit or Companion along with him in his adventure, and there will not be just battles and dungeons, you'll have to travel, and you won't get warps until later, and I'm gonna implement both scripted battles, and random battles but don't worry! The frequency of battles decrease the more times you get into a battle in a area, and resets after awhile. That's all for today!

Saturday, September 24, 2016

Thursday, September 22, 2016

Extra animations

     If your familiar with the GBA FE series, then you know how the Portraits or Mugshots are used for both cutscenes and the profile. But, they are almost always static save the speech animation. I want to ad more than that. I am going to create an individual animation for each and every cutscene, support dialogue, and anything related. That's all that I need to say.

Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Slowing down a bit.

     I'm going on a type of hiatus, as in, progress won't stop, but it will move at a much slower pace until 1 of two things happen, 1. I save enough money to buy an upgrade to my Gamemaking system, or 2. When I make sure School can stay behind me and up to date.

I may set up a patreon or whatever to raise enough money to buy it or some alternative method but I'll at least not put in ads for everyones sake. I hate ads too, their annoying.

I'll post another update when I reach one of my two goals.

Thursday, September 8, 2016

Note for Nintendo

        Recently I've messaged Nintendo asking if they can give me permission to publish this project once it is done and I feel I should give a quick summarization in their regard. First off, this game essentially takes place after Mystery of the Emblem and The Legend of Zelda Link's Awakening. There will be 3 modes to let you play different sides of the story and gameplay. Some Fire Emblem sprites (which will be in a GBA format of sorts) that I will make will be similar, as I use them to build off them and to keep it close to the original but some will have minor changes in them and  others may be entirely new Sprites like Marth's which will have some attacks loosely based off of his Moveset in Melee.

The Mechanics and feel I guess, will be slightly different from the original series not to provoke infringement or copyright, but to have people who have playe the games before feel comfortable with how they play.

I don't believe there's anything else that needs to be said so if the support employee from Nintendo happens to read this... Its up to you I guess.

Stronger Elaboration on Mechanics and Copyright

     Alright so, like I said before I am trying to make a game of essentially a crossover of Zelda and Fire Emblem. BUT, I'm not trying to combine the two. An action, puzzle RPG, bird's eye view where you have to collect special items or artifacts just don't mix. How I view my game is basically a continuation of Link's Awakening where it touches upon and creates a game of what could happen after the events of Link's Awakening, but not mix the two and... How would you say keep certain well known mechanics of their respective series without provoking copyright? Now, why I want to do such a thing is to provide people and fans with the same feel and experience the two games give to them, which was why I came up with the idea of multiple modes, to let the player choose how they want to play the game rather than force it upon them and cause some of them to be unhappy. The mode that combines the two modes is not exactly what you'd expect. 

The mode combines the two, but it combines it by letting you, the player or Link make choices that can change your path such as going alone or allowing Marth to send a maximum of about Four or Five units along with you to aid in your quest, which could affect the difficulty of Marth's portion of the game and as a side note, you will have difficulties but the death of a Unit means they are dead. They cannot be regained after a battle like in the latest of the FE series. The only exception to this is if they have a Fairy, which works as it would in Zelda, but only Link can find him in his sections and they are very rare regardless so when you find one, try to save it for later! That's about it but within a few days I will post again with probably a summary of what I'm planning cause in my mind this seems overly jumbled but I still have ideas and additions spewing out my mind.

Tuesday, September 6, 2016

Modes and early aspects

There will be three modes, Hero's Path which follows the Legend of Zelda gameplay, Lullaby of the Goddess will take on the Fire Emblem aspect,but Link will be available rarely as this mode and Hero's Path will be connected. Link will also gain no experience from battles but will be stronger each meet up. Both or rather Hero's Lullaby will incorporate both, with Link leading a small platoon in foresight of the Enemy having the upper hand ( they will, trust me.) the FE aspect of HL will involve a clear-out of enemies and small skirmishes and ambushes, once that's completed if your at a key area it will go into the Zelda side. In that mode Link will only gain experience based on your rating on the mission, and the Zelda part, so plan well! Link will also be able to make choices in LG mode that will change the story. The objective of Hero's Path is to find and collect, The Shield of Seals/Fire Emblem and its 5 sphere's which have been broken off from the shield, and the Legendary Weapons. As a brief side note this takes place some time after Mystery of the Emblem and will include Marth within the game. Falchion will not need to be collected as Marth is already in possession of it. Roy may also be included but due to timeline and world confusion (seriously there's literally no actual full continental map of the world of Fire Emblem, I checked) he might not be.  I intend to make Super Smash Brothers. Melee partially canon in the game with the two Lords recognizing, "Link". Princess Zelda will also be available later in the game, speculation will be revealed later. That's it for now though, this is partially a two man project with my Best Friend helping me out on the Fire Emblems in-depth mechanics and lore. Regardless I would still appreciate and suggestions, thoughts or questions you've got.

Sunday, September 4, 2016

Project Lullaby early details (sort of...)

        Hello! I am attempting to create an almost completely original Legend of Zelda©. game. Why did I say almost? Because of course, Nintendo has full ownership of the Zelda series and I would rather not get a filed claim like AM2R and end up having all my work be for nought.

The game itself... Is essentially a continuation or sequel of The Legend of Zelda: Link's Awakening©.

What exactly I'm aiming for is, to make said Zelda game, but use either my (ones that I will create) Sprites, BGM, SFX, Mechanics, (new ones presumably, besides the exploration and puzzle aspect that Zelda has throughout it's games) and Concept. (I haven't fully understood this word yet, so if in the future this becomes well known and I still don't understand it I would appreciate someone informing me of the exact definition) BGM (and possibly SFX) I will most likely need external sources for since I am terrible at creating music. While on the topic of Music, they will like I said, be original but regardless of my claim, some will be remixes of certain BGM's that over the years have became some of my favorites, and while on that topic, I should say that I am sort of contradicting myself saying this will be almost completely original without elaborating on the subject first.

First off, I am essentially creating a fan-game of Zelda that will use it's own resources (to an extent)
to build itself, but will still use certain, obvious things such as, Link, certain iconic items like the Sword & Shield, the Boomerang, and Bombs, various Music, (as said above.) and I believe, the concept or look and feel.

Secondly, The story and where exactly this all will take place is still not assured, but in a sense, will not change drastically.

Finally, This will be made on Game-Maker Studio via code (I feel it will be a better choice.) but will be non-profit as far as I am concerned, meaning its free.

Welp, I can't really think of anything else to say that is otherwise notable so I'll post again once this project has some progress. Oh, and if you have any confusion, concerns, or questions, E-mail me or comment on the blog and I'll see what I can do!