Tuesday, September 6, 2016

Modes and early aspects

There will be three modes, Hero's Path which follows the Legend of Zelda gameplay, Lullaby of the Goddess will take on the Fire Emblem aspect,but Link will be available rarely as this mode and Hero's Path will be connected. Link will also gain no experience from battles but will be stronger each meet up. Both or rather Hero's Lullaby will incorporate both, with Link leading a small platoon in foresight of the Enemy having the upper hand ( they will, trust me.) the FE aspect of HL will involve a clear-out of enemies and small skirmishes and ambushes, once that's completed if your at a key area it will go into the Zelda side. In that mode Link will only gain experience based on your rating on the mission, and the Zelda part, so plan well! Link will also be able to make choices in LG mode that will change the story. The objective of Hero's Path is to find and collect, The Shield of Seals/Fire Emblem and its 5 sphere's which have been broken off from the shield, and the Legendary Weapons. As a brief side note this takes place some time after Mystery of the Emblem and will include Marth within the game. Falchion will not need to be collected as Marth is already in possession of it. Roy may also be included but due to timeline and world confusion (seriously there's literally no actual full continental map of the world of Fire Emblem, I checked) he might not be.  I intend to make Super Smash Brothers. Melee partially canon in the game with the two Lords recognizing, "Link". Princess Zelda will also be available later in the game, speculation will be revealed later. That's it for now though, this is partially a two man project with my Best Friend helping me out on the Fire Emblems in-depth mechanics and lore. Regardless I would still appreciate and suggestions, thoughts or questions you've got.
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