Sunday, September 4, 2016

Project Lullaby early details (sort of...)

        Hello! I am attempting to create an almost completely original Legend of Zelda©. game. Why did I say almost? Because of course, Nintendo has full ownership of the Zelda series and I would rather not get a filed claim like AM2R and end up having all my work be for nought.

The game itself... Is essentially a continuation or sequel of The Legend of Zelda: Link's Awakening©.

What exactly I'm aiming for is, to make said Zelda game, but use either my (ones that I will create) Sprites, BGM, SFX, Mechanics, (new ones presumably, besides the exploration and puzzle aspect that Zelda has throughout it's games) and Concept. (I haven't fully understood this word yet, so if in the future this becomes well known and I still don't understand it I would appreciate someone informing me of the exact definition) BGM (and possibly SFX) I will most likely need external sources for since I am terrible at creating music. While on the topic of Music, they will like I said, be original but regardless of my claim, some will be remixes of certain BGM's that over the years have became some of my favorites, and while on that topic, I should say that I am sort of contradicting myself saying this will be almost completely original without elaborating on the subject first.

First off, I am essentially creating a fan-game of Zelda that will use it's own resources (to an extent)
to build itself, but will still use certain, obvious things such as, Link, certain iconic items like the Sword & Shield, the Boomerang, and Bombs, various Music, (as said above.) and I believe, the concept or look and feel.

Secondly, The story and where exactly this all will take place is still not assured, but in a sense, will not change drastically.

Finally, This will be made on Game-Maker Studio via code (I feel it will be a better choice.) but will be non-profit as far as I am concerned, meaning its free.

Welp, I can't really think of anything else to say that is otherwise notable so I'll post again once this project has some progress. Oh, and if you have any confusion, concerns, or questions, E-mail me or comment on the blog and I'll see what I can do!
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