Sunday, October 2, 2016

Objectives of Hero's Path and Link's portion of Hero's Lullaby

     Your objective in Hero's path as mentioned in previous posts is to collect each of the legendary weapons and the Fire Emblem, which it's gems and Shield of Seals have been separated. The catch is, each are in very remote locations and no one has info on where they're hidden and you wont get a special item for locating them. You'll have to find then on your own. The same goes for Hero's Lullaby, save it's own mechanics. Speaking of, I have a few changes for that mode, First off, Link will only bring one unit or Companion along with him in his adventure, and there will not be just battles and dungeons, you'll have to travel, and you won't get warps until later, and I'm gonna implement both scripted battles, and random battles but don't worry! The frequency of battles decrease the more times you get into a battle in a area, and resets after awhile. That's all for today!
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