Thursday, September 8, 2016

Stronger Elaboration on Mechanics and Copyright

     Alright so, like I said before I am trying to make a game of essentially a crossover of Zelda and Fire Emblem. BUT, I'm not trying to combine the two. An action, puzzle RPG, bird's eye view where you have to collect special items or artifacts just don't mix. How I view my game is basically a continuation of Link's Awakening where it touches upon and creates a game of what could happen after the events of Link's Awakening, but not mix the two and... How would you say keep certain well known mechanics of their respective series without provoking copyright? Now, why I want to do such a thing is to provide people and fans with the same feel and experience the two games give to them, which was why I came up with the idea of multiple modes, to let the player choose how they want to play the game rather than force it upon them and cause some of them to be unhappy. The mode that combines the two modes is not exactly what you'd expect. 

The mode combines the two, but it combines it by letting you, the player or Link make choices that can change your path such as going alone or allowing Marth to send a maximum of about Four or Five units along with you to aid in your quest, which could affect the difficulty of Marth's portion of the game and as a side note, you will have difficulties but the death of a Unit means they are dead. They cannot be regained after a battle like in the latest of the FE series. The only exception to this is if they have a Fairy, which works as it would in Zelda, but only Link can find him in his sections and they are very rare regardless so when you find one, try to save it for later! That's about it but within a few days I will post again with probably a summary of what I'm planning cause in my mind this seems overly jumbled but I still have ideas and additions spewing out my mind.
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